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ATS Pneumatics is a respected supplier in the compressed air equipment industry. We have a wide range of products to meet with the most discerning compressed air users from our range of Hitachi and BOGE air compressors. This allows us to provide a solution to fit most applications, Piston compressors, Rotary Screw compressors, and packaged units with tank and dryers, oil free, quiet, high pressure and booster compressors plus a lot more. Our sales of compressed air equipment is backed up by a range of hire equipment from portable diesel air compressors, electric air compressors, dryers, which confirms our commitment to our clients.

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Case Study: Energy Savings

A Christchurch manufacturing company was experiencing lack of pressure in their plant. Their existing service provider had suggested replacing their compressor with a much larger air compressor. As the supplier of their pneumatic equipment, Phill Ruby the Technical Director of ATS Pneumatics had begun talking about their problem and suggested that before they do anything ATS Pneumatics should conduct a survey and data log the situation, so an effective recommendation based on actual data, not just “Gut feeling” could be made.

ATS Pneumatics installed a MadgeTech pressure data logger to record the pressure in the main air tank after the air compressors but before the dryer and filters (red line). They installed a 2nd MadgeTech pressure data logger downstream to record the actual plant air pressure (Blue line). As seen in the graph below, the compressors were able to keep up with demand, however the flow through the dryer and filtration was causing the downstream pressure to drop. Company staff would manually have to turn on a bigger compressor to keep up with the demand. As the plant demand varied substantially throughout the day, a 2nd compressor would have to be started manually and once started it would tend to run all day.

The large fixed speed compressor was the oldest and least efficient (by 30%). They had 3 air compressors; a 30kw VSD, a fixed speed 30kw rotary vane compressor, and a 18.5kw rotary vane air compressor. For most of the day the small 18.5kw and the VSD would run, however this was often not enough to keep up, and they would have to manually turn off the 18.5kw unit and turn on the 30kw unit. This would remain on usually for longer than needed and would have to be shut off manually. When the demand dropped below the capacity of the fixed speed compressor, the VSD would shut down. The VSD compressor was their newest and was the most efficient, kw/cfm. The 18.5kw fixed speed air compressor was the next efficient, followed by the 30kw fixed speed air compressor. The way the system was set up tended to have the least efficient compressor running more than the most efficient compressor. Whilst the VSD would vary its capacity and reduce power, there were still more savings to be made by having a correctly sized and optimal controlled system in place.

ATS Pneumatics replaced the old undersized dryer and filtration with a Donaldson Refrigerated dryer and filtration.
This immediately started paying dividends.
With a lower pressure drop across the dryer and filters, this meant the 2nd compressor did not need to be started as often, and when a 2nd compressor was needed they could use their smaller fixed speed compressor 18.5kw (which is 20% more efficient), not the large 30kw fixed speed air compressor. This resolved their initial problem of low pressure in the factory, and gave them a more energy efficient system. But there were still gains to be made.

The success of the first improvement gave the client confidence to accept the proposal to install a Hitachi 37kW OSP series variable speed air compressor, and a 22kw variable speed compressor to replace the existing 30kW VSD rotary screw air compressor and the 2 fixed speed rotary vane air compressors 18.5kw & 30kw. The 2 new Hitachi air compressors are set up such that the day shift utilises the Hitachi 37kw variable speed air compressor with all machines running and operates at 87% of capacity so still some room for increase in demand, the Night shift with a much lower demand uses the 22kw machine. As a result of these changes only 1 compressor runs at a time, and also in the most efficient band. The resulting graph below shows the improvement in the plant air pressure, which is now more consistent and has resolved the problems associated with low and fluctuating air pressure for their machines. They now have a very efficient system. The heat from the air compressor is utilised to heat their workshop in winter providing a cosy working environment even in those sub-zero winter mornings we have in Canterbury, for no additional energy costs. An added benefit that was not factored into the initial proposal is the noise level which has substantially dropped compared to their previous system.

By having only one air compressor running at a time the maintenance costs have decreased substantially. With Hitachi’s long service intervals on the air compressor, maintenance intervals have been extended delivering further savings. Now that the air pressure is maintained at a constant pressure by using a Variable speed compressor, the main line pressure was lowered by 0.5 bar delivering further energy savings and still maintaining the required pressure for the plant to function well. By taking a pragmatic approach, and gathering some data about their air demand and usage has been instrumental in specifying an energy efficient system that has delighted our client. The team at ATS Pneumatics have the industry experience and knowledge to assist you with improving your compressed air system, and backed by leading equipment brands we can deliver an energy efficient system.

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