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One of ATS Pneumatics ltd specialties is the custom desigin and build of air rams and cylinders.  In our local manufacturing workshop we have multiple machining centres to enable us to build a cylinder that meets your requirements.  We have been successfull in providing solutions for manufacturing companies when the cylinder they need replacing is either opsolete or the lead time from the OEM is too long.

We provide pneumatic actuators and cylinders in to many industries like the transport, food production, dairy, general manufacturing, pharmeceutical, textile industries to name a few. 

Some Recent Successes:

Manufacturing facility
Recently we have a call from a local company where a cylinder on their CNC turning centre had failed, they had been to all the big names in pneumatics and despite the cylinder being a standard ISO cylinder none of them had stock and 3 weeks was the quickest delivery.  We were able to build a cylinder for them from our Aignep  cylinder components we carry and they weback in production within 3 hours!

Food processing Facility
We called on a client recently and found out from our discussions that they had one application where cylinders were repeatidly failing, they had tried several brands, and had similar experience,  they were resound to the fact that in this instance they were having to change the cylinders out every 3 months,  Garry asked the question why are they failing?  The answer was quick and swift, the chemicals we use to cleanthe machine attackthe front nose seal.   We came back with a solution for a standard cylinder with special nose seal which will be more resistant to the chemical.  Our cylinder was a straight retro fit and is yet to fail.  

Textile industry:
When talking to a client in the textile industry Garry identified that an application where the nose seals were failing on a regular basis, the issue was the yarn was being pulled back into the nose seal and was wearing the nose seal,  Garry designed a special cylinder that would prevent this from happening, this has been a common modifaction we do on a regular basis, including in the food, chemical, timber industries.

When you need a pneumatic cylinder or actuator contact ATS pneumatics and we will come back with a solutions, Challenge us today!